by Harold Herskowitz
As some political pundits have observed, "The New Jersey governor has praised President Obama's handling of hurricane Sandy. Some Republicans wonder if Chris Christie's own presidential ambitions have, once again, undercut Mitt Romney."

The upcoming elections are overshadowed by the disaster that has engulfed the entire east coast. Leaders are trying their best to get life back to normal. That did not stop people from being cynically suspicious about their intentions. Some say that Obama is responding swiftly in order to gain votes on Tuesday. Romney in kind called his campaign stops "relief campaigns" to create photo ops of him collecting diapers, and canned food, that the Red Cross will not distribute anyway. Amazingly Chris Christie is being criticized for caring more about the people of his State, that he swore to protect,  than the Republican campaign of Mitt Romney. Did they expect him to reject the president's offer for federal help? Should he have said that he agrees with Romney and wants to close down FEMA?

The answer would be obvious. The good of the  people comes first.

It may have taken a disaster for Governor Christie to put aside his party line, but what would it take for our "leaders" to do what is best for Lakewood's residents?

I am not grumbling about how they handled  hurricane Sandy. While I am sure there are those that are upset about the situation, nobody could truly say they could have done a better job.  What I am upset about is the overall attitude of our Township Committee that they do not have to answer to the people of Lakewood. They do everything for a select few people with no regard if it is the best thing for the town.

If a developer needs to have an area zoning changed, they do it. Someone wants a piece of  public property that will cause parking issues, done. Promote local businesses,create jobs, lower taxes, reduce waste, protect whatever is left of Lakewood"s character, sorry no time for that.

Hurricane Sandy was a wake up call. We were able to see the instant destruction of towns that have taken years to build and maintain. What we do not see as clearly is the slow disaster in our own town that our Senator,his enablers,and his henchmen, the Township Committee have allowed to ruin our town over the last ten years.

If you plan on voting, please send a message to our committee by not voting for Menashe Miller or Mayer Lichtenstein. As for the other candidates, choose whomever you think might actually care about you.

Good Luck

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  1. Yankel Emmesser says:

    Dear Brothers and Sisters of Lakewood

    With much of Lakewood NJ still without power for days, I humbly feel that Hashem is trying to send us a message that: "we" are putting out the light the power of the beauty of Lakewood, the largest town in the US of Torah learning. The light of the Kedusha the light of thousands of Torah learners right here in our town of Lakewood is being distinguished by us with our actions

    We have more Yeshivas and Mesiftas than in any other town or city in America BY"H so we have more responsibility to keep Hashem happier with our way of life, get closer to Hashem as to be an example to the world how a Ben Torah it to behave

    It's time for all of us to make a Cheshbon Hanefesh and see what could be corrected to bring back the light of the Schinah to Lakewood the town of Torah and Chessed the town that was build by the big Rosh Yeshiva z"l

    If we don't take the message from this storm seriously who knows what other difficult messages Hashem might have to send us in order to wake up and do Teshuva?

    Take a moment and think...are we truly living a spiritual life at least similar to our great grand parents, the way they lived when they arrived in America some 60 years ago? or are we indulged in our clothing, i.e. shoes, jewelry, belt, coat, & mink coats, handbags, boots, sun glasses, non stop shopping, hunting for bargains, living in restaurants, redoing our kitchens every so often, always planning our next vacations, now Leshem Mitzvah we are busy planning our winter vacation, and of course don't forget Motzai Shabbos hot Pizza & fries, eating it in the pizza shops with mixed company, we have turned into a major "planning board" not leaving enough time to see and plan our lives as "how to serve Hashem better”

    Lets be honest it's almost impossible to walk the streets and keep our eyes clean, and yes, I am referring to neighborhoods of Bnai Torah and Chasidim, not in Harlem, Miami Beach or Las Vegas etc.

    The "Franken-Storm" effect has been felt by many of us, we are all suffering because of it, one way or another, but..... The million dollar question is: are we waking up to Hashems cry?

    Now it's our duty to be strong and say to Hashem:
    OK we are ready to change our lives, our materialism life style that we have lived up to now will change!!! We’ll start getting ourselves ready for the coming of Moshiach by living a true Torah life. BTW When Moshiach arrives there will be nothing left of all our Gashmius, so get a head start...and get rid of it now lets be more careful with all of the Halocos and 613 Mitzovos of our special sweet Torah

    Thank you for giving up your time and reading this note of Chizuk. Please copy and paste in Shulls, schools etc. so others can get Chizuk too.

    s.p. It would be nice if everyone takes the Frankenstorm warning from Hashem very seriously to prevent future catastrophes.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Great. All we've been hearing the past few days is that Menashe and Meir are all doing it for the photo-ops. They don't really care.

    Now when Obama and Christie come and make speeches together, suddenly they really care. It's not a photo-op. Right?

    Hershel, I don't think you're evil. You're simply naive.

    If you really think that Obama came to NJ because he cares, I've got a generator for the entire Lakewood to sell to you.

    All the political pundits are saying it loudly and clearly. This was a photo-op so that Obama can finally look presidential right before the election. (Which is quite ironic - people are actually shocked that Obama looks presidential.)

    Why Christie did it.......... there are many reasons. The most probable is that he knew that the only way he was going to get Obama to get off his high horse and cut the red tape, was to kiss up to him...... you know..... the way our committemen kiss up....

    Even Bloomberg (who just endorsed Obama today) told Obama not to come to NYC, because the security needed to secure the president would take away vital resourced from the recovery effort.

    But Christie gave in to the pressure from Obama for a photo-op, because he knew that kissing up a week before t he election would open doors for NJ.

    Have you noticed: After Bloomberg dissed Obama, he suddenly came out with an official endorsement of Obama the next day. Coincidence? Or was he made to realize that if he wants federal aid, he better jump on the Obama bandwagon.

    So President Obama withholds federal aid unless you help his election.

    Hmmm. But no, Hershel thinks that Christie and Obama really care. Its Menashe and Meir that are doing the photo ops.

    Naive. At best.

  3. Anonymous says:

    well said! its unfortunate that we have no hope with the others on the ballot.

  4. Anonymous says:

    You Forgot to mention all the the Messira and Arkous that goes on in Lakewood Going to Bais Din is not a Minhag it is Halacha

  5. Anonymous says:

    In lakewood the establishment also gets together for the good of the people except they have a very narrow definitian of "my People" and "my Family" and "my Cronies"

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