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Posted: Jan 5th, 2012 9:16 PM | Updated: Jan 9th, 2012 3:41 AM


There has been a lot of talk lately about Bes Din, 'unauthorized Bes Dins'
'improper acting Bes Din' etc. In Lakewood of the late. Leading the charge
against Rabbi Knoflers Bes Din is Rabbi Gavriel Finkel of the 'Vaad
HaDayanim', a once popular and now basically defunct Bes Din. So it would be
worthwhile to see how Rabbi Finkel himself stands up to scrutiny in these
two areas.

Rabbi Finkel claims (see attached letter) that he was appointed by BMG as a
Bes Din!!!! This was quite a shock to the Roshie Yeshiva, who vehemently
denied it. Rav Schenur Zt'l appointed a few yungelite to answer shallos
about 'chickens and shmattas' on the words of one of the Rosh Yeshivas.
FIVETEEN years later, when R. Finkel lost his job in Adelphia, he need
parnossa and opened up a Bes Din. Ostensibly it was the Rabboim who had been
appointed by Rav Schneur ZT'L who served as Dayanim. In actuality, only R.
Finkel sat, along with other outside Dayanim, both qualified and
unqualified. So it is hard to see why R. Finkel is more 'authorized' then
Rabbi Knoffler. Just who did he get permission or approval from?

As far as the second charge, that R. Knoffler is a 'lose cannon', 'doesn't
follow proper procedure' etc, lets examine R. Finkel record. Rabbi Finkel is
notorious for not 'following procedure', notably listing (and even issuing
Psakim!!) after speaking to just one side. Some of the more famous cases;

Issuing a siruv against R***H because he allegedly didn't want to go to a
din torah. Bases for that was that R***h opponents said so!! Without calling
or notifying R***H a siruv was issued, which broke up a shidduch for his
daughter. When R***H called R. Finkel, he offered to write a letter of
support, but refused to retract the siruv because 'it will make me look like
a fool'.

There is the Gelb****h story, where R. Finkel issued a PSAK that Gelb****h
was a child molester, with out speaking to either him OR the playgroup
assistants! Ruined a family's life. And even though Rav Elyashive has said
he is required to go to a din torah on the subject, he is refusing.

There is the E***L story, where R. Finkel required him to pay $170,000 with
out even letting him know that he was contemplating the issue. Of course the
beneficiary, Glenda Unger gives free rent to Cheder Beni Torah, owned by R.
Finkels brother in law.

There is the Stru****ich story, in which no Star Birurrin was signed,
because Stru****ich though he was going to talk the matter over. R. Finkel
forced (via BMG) Stru****ich to listen to his Psak, even though the possek hador Rav Wosner
wrote a letter saying he was not required to listen until they can produce a
Shtar Birurrin. And part of that Psak was that R. Finkels brother in law get

There is the Kaweblum story, where a respected Rov wrote a letter (see
attached) calling R. Finkel a liar for giving a Heter Arkous after listening
to only one side!

image was removed to request of Dr. Koweblum even though non of our information was supplied by him

As mentioned before, R. Finkels Bes Din is basically defunct. He can't get
ANYONE who knows any Chosen Mishpat to sit with him. When asked how he can
have an Am Hartez like Birnbuam as a Dayin, R. Finkel said "I can't get
anyone else'. Why!! Because you can only fool some many people so many

As an aside R. Finkel himself has no Heter Horan in Choshen Misphat, and his
grasp of Choshen Mishpat is quite weak according to those who do know
Choshen Mishpat. Ask any Dayin in Lakewood what they think of R. Finkel. As
R. Eliyahou Levine! Ask Rabbi Alt from Bais Yosef. And he is coming to chase
out R. Knoffler!!!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    100% true! I know a Dayin in Monsey whom I asked about it, and he confirmed it all.

  2. Biker says:

    The "esteemed" B"D Mayshorim cartel, is also pushing for knopflers ouster. After all they claim to have a higher moral standing, based on that none of their[Childish] Dayanim get paid.

    Mayshorim also has the distinct honor to have Ari Marburger who is FEARLESS to issue any psak even if its incoherant !

    Let us not forget the enforcer of Biker fame.

  3. Anonymous says:

    If he were the only one then maybe........

  4. Anonymous says:

    Time to kick everyone out of town.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Attn: Mr. Lakewood View.

    You better watch your back. The establishment is now going to hunt you down, subpoena Google for your identity, and make you pay exorbitant legal fees to squash the subpoena until your broke.

    Ask Cleaner Lakewood A"h......

  6. Anonymous says:

    Reb Shlomo Miller is putting together an international coalition to rid the Knopfler Bais Din, as required by a Heter Mayah- it must be from various medinahs.

  7. Confirmation says:

    I once approached Finkel saying that I wanted to come to him with for a Din Torah. He seemed very pleased until I asked him if I could stop by and see his letter from R.Shneur that he could pasken yadin yadin.
    You should have seen his face!!
    The next day I asked R.Yerucham and he told me that he had never heard that R.Shneur gave Finkel any reshus to pasken these issues at all.
    Moreover the chutzpa and akshanos he showed against R.Elyashiv Shlita was beneath contempt.

  8. Anonymous says:

    That's true. R' Miller just told a Rav in Chicago, who has nothing to do with Lakewood, who has no idea who R' Knopfler is, all about this.

    There is such a huge sinah for this guy, you've never seen anything like it. People who are otherwise chusheve talmedei chachamim are acting like little children here.

    Dovi Kahan of maysharim is the quiet push in Lakewood to get every Rabbi to sign. Hey, there is nothing like burying your competition, while covering yourself and making some friends and kovod.

    Was it an coincidence that maysharim advertised themselves this week - again - in the voice?

  9. Finkel Alert says:

    Gavriel Finkels Nephew and Neice moshe and Kayla Bursztyn on Park avenue are Mesariv Ledin they had their tennent arrested because they claim he owed them a few hundred dollars and that he insulted them Gavriel Finkel called up the former tennents new landlord to throw him out of his apartment than he black mailed the bochur that unless he goes to arkous like his Nephew the Burstyns want he cannot work as a Mashgiach for the Kcl and that he will remove the Hashgacha from the new catering business he started Bais Din Bais Yosef in conjuction with Mechon Lehorah isuued a Hazmana with an Ikkul the Burstyns ignored it they went to court to proceed with the charges they told the judge and prosecuters that rabbis of Bais Yosef and Mechon Lehorah are interfering with the court case and harrassing us by summoning us to a Rabbinical court than Bursztyn called up Rabbi Alt from Bais Yosef and threated him that if he issues a siruv or any more Hazmonos than they will sue Bais Din for Millions of Dollars and have their former tennent arrested again for summoning them to a Din Torah Gavriel Finkel was extremely embarrased when this all started becoming public and was becoming a laughing stock by the other Batai Dinim he than said he has nothing to do with it and him and his Dayonim Gutman and Birnbaum Publicily Acknowledege that Moshe and Kayla Bursztyn are Mesariv Ledin and Must answer up to Bais Yosef and Mechon Lehorah however privatly he helps him avoid the consequences of being a Mesariv Ledin all the above information can be verified by calling Rabbi Reuven Alt and Rabbi Landau Dayonim at Bais Din Bais Yosef at 718-436-5146

  10. Anonymous says:

    lomdishe sheila for the oilom:
    who is worst?
    moishe finkel (gaviel finkels nephew) who fed traifos to thousands, or gavriel finkel, who gives a heter arkoes without talking to the other party, causing a huge chilul hashem?

  11. Anonymous says:

    unfortunetly gavriel finkel feels he can get away with whatever he wants because he is Rav Malkiel Kotlers Uncle gavriels sister is married to Rav zev Tikotzky who is Rav malkiels uncle not that Rav malkeil or any of the other roshai yeshiva hold of finkel or would ever bring a din torah to finkel however the fact that he is rav malkiels uncle gives him cover that he doesnt get thrown out of lakewood

  12. Anonymous says:

    "The establishment is now going to hunt you down, subpoena Google for your identity, and make you pay exorbitant legal fees to squash the subpoena until your broke.

    Ask Cleaner Lakewood A"h......"

    Do you mean they would go to court with out going to Bes Din!!! What a shock!!!!

  13. Anonymous says:

    Can someone explain to me, what is exactly going on. If you don't like one Beis din, you can choose a different one, so why would anybody fight?

  14. Anonymous says:


    Mr. Lakewoodview , whomever you are you really must have guts to post this one, calling a spade and spade, and not fearing the big establishments mafia. i really give you credit for this .

    I have a quite a bit of knowledge about the " beis din " crisis in Lakewood. and once your calling a spade a spade i will go step further. The core of the problem in Lakewood is that Lakewood as a town DOES NOT HAVE A BEIS DIN.there is a simple reason for this and that is that if there would be a central beis din which was put in by the people , and totally unaffiliated with the BMG / MAFIA - then the BMG / MAFIA of this total could be take to beis din and held accountable for things that the do , such as the gelb*** case and the stru***** case and many others.
    so what the BMG/MAFIA did was create a self serving beis called "vaad hadanim" and then pull the plug on half there power and down grade it, this way they can use it when it suites them and denounce it when it suits them, and of course they beis din has to remain loyal to BMG and play a bias role .
    BUT aside from that , and the fact the Finkel plays bias and the birnbaum is an am haaretz who is on a power trip , they are not really a bad beis din . the have a lot of policies which are good , and their rates are low , so that they dont drag out dinei torah just to make money as most other Tri state Botei dinim do. for those that want to use them and accept there amhuratzus psokim they are a cheap option especially for small cases. they also dont generally chase cases or fame or try to market themselves or push themselves into a case to try to make a name for themselves or make money. mesharim also is a self made beis din not put in by the city , but also is not aggresive or dangerous. for those who want to use them its an option , and for those that doesnt they can easily opt out if they are not snubbing their knoes at the whole beis din principle ( both botei dinim will allow and defendant to request that their cases be transferred to any respectable beisdin in NY or Monsey . so at least the have respect for more qualified botei dimin
    Enter Knopler. who he sees a weekness in the lakewood beis din system and decides to exploit it he made himself a beisdin.

    therefore to sum it up, there are two problems here and one doesnt justify the other in any way. the weekness and problems in the lakewood beisdin system are not justified just to stop hooligans , and (moderated) is not justified just becuase lakewoods system has problems. of course Finkel is taking up this issue to protect his personal interest as he always does, but even hough he is involved for all the wrong reasons his position his correct , we cannot have someone like knopfler be allowed to run a beis din and he is much more dangerous than vaad hadayanim and meshirm but together, there is more "loose canon" in this one guy then in both of those botei dinim together.

  15. Anonymous says:

    "Can someone explain to me, what is exactly going on. If you don't like one Beis din, you can choose a different one, so why would anybody fight?"

    But Some people (Finkel) are trying to force people NOT to go to Knofler

  16. Anonymous says:

    BTW, Somerset development disallowes ONE Bes DIn in the US of A. FINKEL. Why? Also, does any one know if Finkel was Masgiach for his nephew Moshe Finkel of Monsey

  17. Anonymous says:

    This whole affair and Rav Finkels.....are such a bizoiyon to Lakewood, especially to the yeshiva. Roshei yeshiva must make an end to these embarressments. It won't take long for some benefactors to say "i've had it already upto here, i'm out".

  18. Writer of Article says:

    To commenter of Jan 5th, 2012 8:37 PM

    You gave a very good asesment of what is going on. But dont you think that even people who are going to a small time Dayain like Finkel want a Psak WITHOUT listining to one side etc.

  19. Anonymous says:

    I am ashamed that you are even printing such posts.To go in the gutter is not blogging, this is Stam Loshon Hara and Sina.

    I now understand and respect the Masgiach , Rav Mattisayu's position much better.

    Your blog must really have not have anything else to print. You should join together with Y.S.

    I never wrote in before to a blog but this is utter garbage

  20. Anonymous says:

    True, this site has a lot of garbage.

    But, you still need a site that is not scared to say the truth when need be.

    The bushah they are causing to R' ______ is a lot more garbage than this.

    If someone is prepared to organize and sign that garbage paper, than let his own record be examined as well.

    Some of the main rabble rousers against R' Knopfler have their own skeletons as well.

    If you can give - be prepared to take.

  21. Anonymous says:

    "this is utter garbage"

    Why? moderatedss actions and thuggery have cost people much $$ and grief. What is wrong with pointing out and publicizing this? Do you have a better way to get the word out to stay away from moderated?
    (when making allegations supply us with proof please)

  22. Anonymous says:

    "Better Way" ? It sounds as though you are bitter, not better. All those years ( or maybe not) didnt help

  23. TO THE MODERATOR says:

    to the moderator if someone wants to make a negitive comment about Rabbi knopfler like that he doesnt daven with a minyan you post it however if someone posts a comment that gavriel finkels nephew moshe bursztyn is a Mesariv Ledin which the Shulchan Orach says is a mitzvah to publicize or that finkel covers for his nephew that you refuse to post

  24. Anonymous says:

    Google search "dovi kahan". The ikkul against him is on file at Ocean County Records,"533 Arlington Avenue". Now you know, the Rest of the Story.

  25. Anonymous says:

    I know first hand that allegations these phonies made are completely false. When confronted their response was that they work for the klal and must preserve tnheir kovod. They therefore believe they are permitted to lie and purposely fabricate allegations to preserve their image and all under the geize that this is the good of the tzibur.If the tzibur realizes they made a mistake it is much worse than murdering someone in their opinion. It is equivalent to burning all of the Torah. I am not sure where their hashkafa comes from but it is definately not what i learned from my rabbeim and against everything we believe in. Has anyone made a machaa on the way they behave? Is there a greater chilul hashem than the ovlah, fabrications and murders which they have committed?I am all for making machaaas against this blog but only if you are willing to make machaaos against wrongful doings of the establishment when they go against the Torah and the ratzon hashem.

  26. Anonymous says:

    When Rav Michel Yehuda Lefkowitz was asked about Finkles action in the Gs story, he said " Yehuda Hodu Vlo Bosh" let him do the same.

  27. Anonymous says:

    and why does m. saloman think he does not have to go to din torah when s. freid called him to mchon lhorah rav miller from tronto wrote a letter that he does not have to go to bais din?

    whats the double standard??

  28. Anonymous says:

    Who wrote the Ikkul against Dovi Kahan? R' Shlomo Miller, or R' Knopfler? The files are recorded against B M Arlington. Why is Dovi Kahan listed at Arlington Avenue?

  29. Anonymous says:

    Actually, to add detail to one of the previous comments:

    R. Michel Yehuda ztz''l was asked by askanim trying to protect the mashgiach in that story (not about finkel himself). They asked whether they had a chiyuv to help cover up the mistake they felt he had made in the G case since it would be very damaging to kovod hatorah if it became known that the mashgiach had been so stubborn and wrongly ruined someone's life. R. Michel Yehuda answered that the kabolo he had from his rebbeim in Lita in such situations was hodu vlo bosh.

    I understood that to mean that aderaba kovod hatorah is only increased when a manhig can admit his mistake. Although he may only have meant that kovod hatorah is not part of the cheshbon at all and basic yashrus means admitting when one is wrong no matter who.

  30. Anonymous says:

    I have been of the opinion that we must protect our leaders and not allow them to be embarrassed by others even if they are trying to bring out the emes.
    When I was in EY with a friend who disagreed with me, we agreed to settle the dispute by asking Reb Chaim Kanyevsky. Despite my arguments, he declared that if you know this person is immocent or was dealt with inappropriately then you have a chiyuv to help him in every way you can even if the kovod of the mashgiach will be compromised as a result. He also said there is nothing wrong with asking the Mashgiach to go to a din torah, even a melech needs to go...

  31. Anonymous says:

    but the problem is that m. s.(moderated) non stop making mistake only listen to 1 side of the story just ask any choshaver rov in town or ny for that matter then he tells his gabbai m. l. that he is not felling well cant talk to anybody!!

  32. Anonymous says:

    The Posuk says "asher-Nusi-yechta" Ashrei.....when a Nusi admits "he made a mistake & brings a korbon" the sign of Malchus is, when the Nosi admits "I made a mistake".

  33. Anonymous says:

    A leader must lead. King Shaul lost the malchus because of "yuraisi-ess-hu'um". A leadrer that looks to appease, satisfy, etc is not a leader. Pinai hador, etc is just that a dog has a tendency to look & ascertain the direction his boss wants to go, even though the dog seems to lead....

  34. Yitzchok Rokowsky says:

    Due to the fact the Mr. G was employed by a charitable organization which I was involved in, I felt behooved to thoroughly investigate the G matter at great expense with the assistance of trained professionals and highly qualified private investigators. I can prove to anyone who cares to know that the allegations made were completely false beyond the slightest shadow of a doubt. I have presented the evidence to many Rabbonim, Roshei Yeshiva, Askonim, and layman, who have all arrived at the same conclusions that the accused is absolutely innocent. I can be contacted at 732-415-6016 if you wish to learn the details of why the allegations are impossible to have occurred.

  35. Anonymous says:

    The regime is relentlessly collecting as many signatures from as many rabbis as they can. They are putting HUGE pressure on everyone to sign.

    Some rabbanim have said that they don't know anything about it, and they prefer not to sign. The regime is not taking no for an answer. They continue to pressure everyone to sign.

    The regime wants to make it look like a "rabbonim" letter rather than a bmg letter. looks like the brainstorm of DK his competition bd who is getting payback here. especially because R' K once put an ikkul on his little shul.

  36. Anonymous says:

    who cares what finkel writes the power is in the people let R Knopfler write a letter that Finkel and his cronies Hazmonos Siruvs etc are worthless and you will see everyone will ignore Finkels Bais Din

  37. Anonymous says:

    They are not the only corrupt out there, so many more, right now the Agudah is looking into the corrupt of bais din Tzedem Umishpat ran by mr barash and very soon will come out with a big report of all the underground coruption with an ad campain to shut them down. I was in the office today of a toein because my daughter is going through a divroce and another toein called warning him to stay far away from there.

  38. Anonymous says:

    All these people bottom line couldnt learn, cant get degrees, cant even be a mashgiach so whats their next option to get honor with out knowing anything?

  39. Anonymous says:

    Just like you look at every toein a twisted nut most bais din are the same

  40. Anonymous says:

    Tzedek Umishpat IS the agudah's bd. Even though they officially distance themselves from any bd, it is completely controlled by agudah.

    Every time the agudah has the opportunity, they relay to their rabbonim to please send their dinei torah to tzedek umishpat. They need to have their control on at least one bd, and that's why they are always advertising it.

    Stick away from that place.

  41. Anonymous says:

    Reb Moedechai Betzalel Klein "Satmar dayan" caved in and signed the letter with a notation "per the demand of the Rosh Yeshiva". Power corrupts, absolute power corupts absolutely.

    Lichoirah, everyone that signed was forced to sign, they aren't independents.

  42. Anonymous says:

    These posts are totally ridiculous, as no one here has all the facts.
    And when I guy says 'I'm in the know' he usually may know a little from one side.
    The only ones that know anything regarding this issue is the rabbonim, who are not wasting their time looking or posting on this site.

  43. Anonymous says:

    Keep this post on the first page. The topic has now become a front burner issue.

  44. Anonymous says:

    In what way has this become front-burner?
    What's changed?

  45. Anonymous says:

    Let Gavriel Finkel deal with His son who is in Drug Rehab In California

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